Chapter 3 - Pre-Production Development and Testing

To accomplish the development and testing of your application that utilizes AppLink Web API, tools, such as POSTMAN, are helpful but not required. Selection and use of tooling to accomplish your development and testing are up to you to select based upon your needs. 

Section 3.1 - Get your testing credentials (api_key) link

During your testing and development of your application you will work with an Integration Specialist or Relationship Manager to answer questions, provide support and insure your application supplies the correct information needed for our underwriting team. To begin your development and testing process, you must contact your Integration Specialist or Relationship Manager to setup a test environment and account for you.

One of the key pieces of information the Integration Specialist or Relationship Manager will provide is your unique api_key. The api_key is mainly for use with the application you develop to utilize the AppLink Web API functions in your pre-production testing. The api_key may also be used to sign on to the Swagger UI to work with the testing Sandbox using your own payload as explained in Quick Start Guide for AppLink Web API.

Section 3.2 - Your “payload” layout link

Your Integration Specialist or Relationship Manager will also provide you with your unique JSON “payload” layout(s) and with a sample of the data in your payload. Understanding the layout and use of your JSON “payload” will be critical to successful submission of Merchant Applications using the AppLink Web API.

As “payload” layouts are unique to each partner, all the possible sections and data fields are described in Appendix 1 – Payload Data Definitions. 

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