Overview of the AppLink Web API Process


The AppLink Web API (the API) provides a set of operations to submit for onboarding Merchant Application information and the supporting documents for that application. The steps below provide an overview that will give you an understanding of the API operations used to process Merchant Application information.

Not all of the available API operations are shown in this basic submission process, and the operations are described only briefly. Further detail on each API operation is provided elsewhere. API operations not described here may be required when errors or other conditions in the submission process occur.

Basic Submission Process


Step 1: Provide the Merchant Application information in JSON format to receive a unique ApplicationId


In this step the API is used to deliver the information from the Merchant Application to our systems. The Merchant Application information in digital form is defined and contained by the JSON payload you will provide. 

You will use the API POST operation /application/CA to send the JSON payload. This POST operation will return a unique ApplicationId, which will be used throughout the application submission process.  


Step 2: Use the ApplicationId to provide digital copies of the documentation required for the Merchant Application


In this step the API is used to upload digital copies of the supporting documentation for the Merchant Application. Supporting documents can be submitted in a single file, or each document can be submitted individually.

You will use the API POST operation /Application/CA/{id}/Document, where {id} is the ApplicationId returned from Step 1 above.

This operation can upload only one document at a time, but can be repeated as many times as needed to upload all of the supporting documents required for the application. Each execution of this step results in a document being uploaded. 


You must identify the kind of document being uploaded by choosing the Document Type that best describes it:

  • ApplicationAndAgreement
  • ProcessingStatements
  • ProofOfBusiness
  • VoidCheck
  • EquipmentForm
  • Other
  • NonProfitEvidence


Digital files must have an extension included in the list below, else the API will respond with a 401 Fail response:

  • XML
  • PDF
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF
  • TXT
  • DOC
  • DOCX
  • ZIP
  • JPEG
  • WAV


Step 3: Submit the Merchant Application for processing

After all supporting documents for the Merchant Application have been uploaded, you can submit the information.

In this step, the API first validates that the information provided is complete and correct. If validation fails, the application will not be submitted, and you will receive an error. If validation is successful, the API submits the Merchant Application to our onboarding system.

You will use the API POST operation /Application/CA/{id}/Submit, where {id} is the ApplicationId returned from Step 1 above.

If submission fails, you will receive an error indicating what you need to correct. 

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