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Data fields are listed in the JSON Sections (groups) to make it convenient for you to find the fields you require. 

The list contains the following information for each data field.


Column Contents
Section The JSON group that contains this data field

YES: A value for the data field is required and you must supply it.

NO: A value for the data field is not required and you do not have to supply it

Definition The description, meaning, and/or use of the field
Type The data type expected (Date, Decimal, Multiple, Text, Phone, Yes/No)
Max Size When present, the maximum number of characters allowed
Allowed Values When present, the list of the exact values that this field may contain








The day of the year in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

1981-01-03, 2018-09-14


A number with digits placed to the left and right of a decimal point

45.6, 145.78, 12.0


Any number of the Allowed Values can be used.

September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August


Human-readable sequences of characters and the words they form.

19245 W. 100th Street, Ralph Oscar, Montreal, Cost Plus


The digits of the phone number.

8888375309, 9012012211


A field that allows only two values Yes or No.

Yes, No





We have provided the attached spreadsheet to make it convenient for you to find, filter, and sort the data fields. This also enables you to save the data into other formats if necessary.

The file is currently sorted by JSON Section (groups). 

The data required in the OwnersOrOfficers section varies by the type of business. Therefore, this section requires special attention as there are numerous conditional fields.

Types of business include Sole Proprietorship, Corporation, Government, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, or Not for Profit. 

The file attached lists the Data Definitions in the first tab.

Subsequent tabs outline the required fields for each type of business.

  • If the field is required, it will state Required.
  • If the field is not required, it will be blank.
  • If there is a specified value for the field, the value will appear in the field.




The AppLink Web API returns standard HTTP Status Codes. 


Status Description
200s - OK Successful
400 - Bad Request The request was unsuccessful, often due to missing a required parameter.
401 - Unauthorized Incorrect API_key provided
402 - Request Failed The parameters were valid, but the request failed.
404 - Not Found The requested resource doesn't exist.
409 - Conflict The request conflicts with another request.
429 - Too Many Requests

Too many requests hit the API simultaneously.

500, 502, 503, 504 - Server Errors Something went wrong on the server.


Sample Payloads link

The following are some examples of JSON payloads associated with merchants with the different ownership structures.

{ "Language": { "Language": "English_en" }, "ContractVersionEtf": { "ContractTerm": "3_Year_Term", "ContractVersion": "Purchase", "MerchantSignDate": "09/01/2018" }, "MerchantBusinessInformation": { "OwnershipType": "Sole_Proprietorship", "LegalName": "AppLink API Test CA", "CorporateAddressCivicNum": "123", "CorporateAddressStreet": "Test St", "CorporateAddressUnit": "1", "CorporateCity": "St Catharines", "CorporateState": "ON", "CorporateZip": "L2R 6P7", "CorporateTelephone": "5145145144", "GstExempt": true, "GstTaxId": "753951852", "WebAddress": "" }, "DbaInformation": { "SameAsLegal": true, "Mcc": "5999", "DbaName": "AppLink API Test CA Legal", "LocationAddressCivicNum": "123", "LocationAddressStreet": "Test St", "LocationCity": "St Catharines", "LocationState": "ON", "LocationZip": "L2R 6P7", "LocationTelephone": "5155155155", "LocationFax": "5165165166", "LocationTimeZone": "Eastern Time Zone", "GoodsType": "stuff", "BusinessPresence": "1_year", "BusinessPresenceMonths": "2", "StatementEmail": "", "MailingAttention": "Chris", "MerchantCustomerServiceNumber": "5175175177", "MailingAddress": "Location_Address" }, "OwnersOrOfficers": { "DbaContactTitle": "Owner", "BusinessStartupDate": "10/01/2016", "OwnerList": [ { "AddressSameAs": "DBA", "Guarantor": true, "Email": "", "PercentOwnership": 100, "FirstName": "John", "LastName": "Doe", AppLink Web API - CANADA Nuvei Technologies, 2019 - Confidential & Proprietary 106 "Birthday": "01/01/1990", "ResidenceAddressCivicNum": "123", "ResidenceAddressStreet": "Test St", "ResidenceAddressUnit": null, "City": "St Catharines", "State": "ON", "Zip": "L2R 6P7", "Telephone": "5155155155", "SocialSecurity": null, "DriverLicense": "645654654", "DriverState": "ON" } ] }, "SalesProfile": { "MerchantType": "Retail" }, "Agent": "Test Agent", "Office": "Test Agent CA" }

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