1.1 - ACH Consumer Transaction API

The Merchant Dashboard ACH Consumer Transaction API can be used to pull ACH payment data by a partner.  The API includes the fields below, which assist to identify transaction and submerchant information.  Additional ACH field definitions can be found in the Merchant Dashboard API documentation:


  1. LocationName: DBA Name
  2. OperationType: Type of Operation e.g. Sale or Refund
  3. TransactionNumber: ACH transaction number. This remains the same throughout different states of a transaction.
  4. ReferenceNumber: Unique Reference number identifying a transaction.  A transaction number may have multiple reference numbers associated to it for each operation type (Sale,Refund).
  5. EventDateTime: Date and time stamp of events providing history of transactions.
  6. TotalAmount: Gross transaction amount
  7. EventDataString: Event description of a transaction. e.g. Return Reason.
  8. EventType: provides ACH transaction status. 

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