PF Wholesale Program



The PF Wholesale Program is Nuvei's wholesale payment facilitation offering that helps partners enable their organization as a registered payment facilitator in either USA or Canada. Once registered, partners can offer payment processing services directly to their clients by leveraging existing Nuvei platforms and technologies in the back-end, with the flexibility of having more control over pricing, funding and support.

PF Wholesale encompasses all aspects of payment processing - from merchant onboarding, to transaction processing and reporting reconciliation. Such functionality can be leveraged by a partner to offer to their clients through integrating and implementing AppLink, Nuvei Gateway, and Merchant Dashboard.

Nuvei resources can further assist partners who are looking to become wholesale payment facilitators with their registration process with the card-brands and sponsor banks.

PF Wholesale Integration Points link

Sub-Merchant Onboarding

Automate the merchant application onboarding experience and receive boarding and processing credentials for approved accounts that are ready to accept payments.

  • Automate your USA sub-application submission process for the PF Wholesale Program by integrating to our AppLink USA Schema.
  • Automate your Canadian sub-merchant application submission process for the PF Wholesale Program by integrating to our AppLink Canada Schema.
  • Monitor the status of submitted applications via Nuvei's Partner Dashboard or through email notifications.
  • Receive processing credentials for approved accounts as they are boarded by implementing our Partner Notification System.

Transaction Processing

Integrate the capability for your sub-merchant to process payments/transactions via the Nuvei Gateway. Our gateway offers multiple methods of implementing the ability to accept payments:

  • Enable eCommerce payment acceptance on a website through the Nuvei Gateway Hosted Payment Page implementation method.
  • Embed payment acceptance within your custom software or user-interface through the Nuvei Gateway XML implementation method.
  • Integrate mobile payment acceptance on iOS or Android based mobile systems through the Nuvei Mobile SDK implementation method.


Reconcile reporting and review analytics under your portfolio of sub-merchants with one of Nuvei's reporting options.

  • Provide sub-merchants access to their own reporting and statements through the Merchant Dashboard Portal.
  • Integrate transaction reporting data to 3rd party systems via the Merchant Dashboard API, or elect to receive Custom Report Files for larger portfolios.

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