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At Nuvei, we love our Partners. In fact, we built an entire network to better serve them. It’s what we do. We provide a supportive environment where they can truly thrive, and provide flexible partnership models to fit their business.

Developer Friendly Integrations
Lucrative Referral Partnerships
Industry Tailored Solutions
AppLink is used to electronically submit merchant application data to our back-end systems to automate the merchant underwriting and onboarding workflow. Pull customer data from existing CRM systems or build your own custom user-interface to quickly capture and complete a merchant application.
Pro Electronically Submit Merchant Applications & Supporting Documents
Pro Automate Merchant Underwriting & Onboarding Workflows
Pro Leverage Existing Client Data From Your Current CRM System
Pro Customize Unique Interfaces & Web Forms For Net-New Clients

Merchant Dashboard link

Nuvei merchants have access to our powerful online reporting portal, also available for integration to third-party financial software. It provides businesses with timely, critical information, analytics and social media reviews, plus 24/7 self-service support. All this, from an elegant, simple to use dashboard.
Pro Powerful reporting tool with real-time authorization and batch data
Pro Review transaction information online, at a glance, or deep dive into full data
Pro Proactive management with optional daily email alerts, plus chargeback support tools

Payment Facilitator Connect link

SaaS vendors, marketplaces, apps and platforms — enable seamless payments via API or a hosted enrollment page. If your organization lacks the resources or capabilities to build and manage a payment network, look no further. Whether you sign five sub-merchants a month, or 50,000, we can scale and customize our platform to fit your business needs and goals.
Pro Turnkey payment aggregation, card brand sponsorship not required
Pro Simple merchant enrollment, instant onboarding and automated underwriting
Pro Zero liability for underwriting, risk, chargebacks, fraud, security and compliance​
Pro Customizable transaction reporting, client enrollment process and pricing​
Pro Simple and easy to use back-office user interface
Pro Managed sub-merchant funding and billing

Payment Facilitator Wholesale link

For a more granular level of control, you can now handle sub-merchant account activities from A-Z. Our Payment Facilitator Wholesale program empowers your business to take full management over sub-merchant activities. This model entails higher risk in exchange for broad user control.
Pro Customizable client enrollment process, terms and pricing
Pro Direct first level client care and support provided by your business
Pro Liability for underwriting, risk, chargebacks, fraud, security and compliance
Pro Compliance and regulatory reporting required
Pro Direct client funding required