Chapter 1 - Introduction to AppLink Web API


The AppLink Web API is used to submit Merchant Applications and required supporting documentation that once approved will allow the Merchant to process credit and/or debit transactions on our platform. You would utilize the AppLink Web API to electronically provide the information from your existing merchant application software along with supporting documents, such as the Merchant Application Document, void checks, etc, to our onboarding system.


The AppLink Web API uses a RESTful (representational state transfer) API architectural style. The REST Architecture is not dependent on any protocol, but the AppLink Web API services use HTTP as the underlying protocol including the built-in status codes to indicate API errors. Experience in and knowledge of the REST architecture is assumed by this document.

The AppLink Web API provides a Developer Portal that utilizes the Swagger Open Source UI environment to provide a pre-production testing environment – a Sandbox. The web interface for the Sandbox is the UI of the Swagger Open API tool. Experience with and knowledge of the Swagger Open Source API tool is assumed by this document. For more information on the Swagger Open Source API tool see

The AppLink Web API operations expect the information to be in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. JSON is an open-standard file format using human-readable text for transmitting data. Experience and knowledge of JSON file formats is assumed by this document.


The AppLink Web API utilizes a JSON file to digitally provide the information contained on a Merchant Application. This document refers to this JSON file as a “payload”. Your Integration Specialist or Relationship Manager will provide the payload JSON layout and data items to you. The payload is unique to the type of Merchant Applications you can process.

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