Chapter 3 - Working with our Production Environment

During testing and development of your application that utilizes the Merchant Dashboard API you will work with an Integration Specialist or Relationship Manager to answer questions and provide support that you may need. Once you have completed your testing and you are ready to integrate with our production environment, the Integration Specialist or Relationship Manager will need to complete a few behind the scenes steps and set up your Production Environment Credentials so you can access production information.


To accomplish your integration into our production environment, tools, such as POSTMAN, are helpful but not required. Selection and use of tooling to accomplish your integration are up to you to select based upon your needs.


To access production information instead of the Sandbox test information, your request must be sent to the production URL instead of the Sandbox or Test development URL. The production URL is:<GET Operation Name>


To utilize the production URL your Integration Specialist or Relationship Manager will provide your Production Environment Credentials that will replace your Testing Credentials.


Using the production URL, Production Environment Credentials and selecting the correct GET operation allows you to retrieve ACH, Credit, Authorization, Dispute, Funding and Batch Transaction information for your Merchants. Each of the available GET operations retrieves a specific transaction type’s information. The information returned for each GET operation is documented in the Available Operations in the Merchant Dashboard API section.


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