Chapter 1 - Introduction to Merchant Dashboard API

Section 1.1 - What is Merchant Dashboard API used for?

The Merchant Dashboard API provides access to transaction processing information from Nuvei's Merchant Dashboard Reporting utility. This API allows clients to extract ACH, Credit, Authorization, Dispute, Funding and Batch Transaction information on your Merchants. You would utilize the Merchant Dashboard API to extract information for the application you will create to display and provide information that meets your unique needs.


What types of technologies and knowledge is required to utilize the Merchant Dashboard API?


The Merchant Dashboard API uses a RESTful (representational state transfer) API architectural style. The REST Architecture is not dependent on any protocol, but many RESTful services use HTTP as the underlying protocol including the built-in status codes to indicate API errors. Experience in and knowledge of the REST architecture is assumed by this document.


The Merchant Dashboard API technical documentation is provided as a Swagger/Open API specification. The Swagger/Open API specification is provided in YAML (YAML Ain't Markup Language) format. The use of the Swagger/Open API specification YAML is not required to work with the API. If you do want to use the Swagger/Open API specification YAML then experience and knowledge of the Swagger/Open API specification and YAML is assumed by this document.


The Merchant Dashboard API has a Developer Portal with a Sandbox Testing environment based upon apigee. The web interface for Sandbox Testing utilizes apigee and its functions. Experience and knowledge with apigee is assumed by this document.


PHP and wrapper class code examples were generated and a link to the code is provided to make it easier to interact with the Merchant Dashboard API from PHP applications. The PHP code is utilized and explained in this document to provide a Quick Start example. However, PHP is not a requirement to utilize the Merchant Dashboard API. Links to Java and .NET generated code examples are also provided but use of those examples is not referenced in the document.


Information extracted using the Merchant Dashboard API GET operations is delivered in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format. JSON is an open-standard file format using human-readable text for transmitting data. Experience and knowledge of JSON file formats is assumed by this document.


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