AppLInk Web API




The AppLink Web API is Nuvei's Merchant Onboarding platform used to electronically submit Merchant Application data to Nuvei's automated boarding and underwriting services in USA and/or Canada. The approval of an application will result in the automatic creation of a Nuvei Merchant Account for the respective region, allowing the Merchant to then be able to process payment transactions via Nuvei's payment processing network.

The AppLink Web API can be leveraged by ISO Agents, ISV Software Vendors, and Payment Facilitators who are looking to offer and/or automate the merchant onboarding experience for their merchants. You would utilize the AppLink Web API to provide the information and supporting docs needed to underwrite a new merchant application to our onboarding system, such as agreements, financials or void checks. AppLink can be connected to an existing CRM system, web-form or software UI.

The Partner Notification System webhook can also be leveraged in conjunction with AppLink to automate the delivery of the resulting production processing credentials once an account is approved, such as the merchant's unique DBA, Merchant ID, Terminal ID and SharedSecret values that are required to process payments on the live account.

AppLink Web API documentation is provided in a USA Schema and CDN Schema for the US and Canadian regions, respectfully.

AppLink USA Schema

Automate our USA merchant application submission process by integrating to our AppLink USA Schema.

AppLink Canada Schema

Automate our Canadian merchant application submission process by integrating to our AppLink Canada Schema.

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